Bibliographie GEOLOGIQUE annuelle de l'Algérie

(annual geological bibliography of algeria)



Sahara algerien

(Algerian SAHARA)


CRÔNIER C., ABBACHE A., KHALDI A..Y., OUDOT M., MAILLET S., OUALI MEHADJI A., (2018). Middle Devonian trilobites of the Saoura Valley, Algeria: insights into their biodiversity and Moroccan affinities. Geological Magazine, Volume 155, Issue 4, May 2018, pp. 811-840. Abstract

DJOUDER H., LUNING S., DA SILVA A-C., ABDALLAH H., BOULVAIN F., (2018). Silurian deltaic progradation, Tassili n’Ajjer plateau, south-eastern Algeria: Sedimentology, ichnology and sequence stratigraphy. Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 142, June 2018, Pages 170-192. Abstract

HAMMOUDA S.A., SAMES B., ADACI M., BENSALAH M., (2018). First record of non-marine ostracods from the Paleogene “hamadian deposits” of Méridja area, west of Bechar (southwestern Algeria). [[Première découverte d’ostracodes non-marins dans les dépôts hamadiens paléogènes de la région de Méridja, Ouest de Bechar (sud-ouest algérien)]. Annales de Paléontologie, Volume 104, Issue 1, January-March 2018, pages 27-44.  Abstract

SAAD W., AISSA D.E., WATANABE K., TAGUCHI S., (2018). Gold deposits associated with the gabbroic rocks at Tirek area, western Hoggar, Algeria: fluid inclusion study. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, January 2018, 11:26. Abstract

AlgériE du Nord

(northern algeria)


ABBOUDA M., bouhadad y., benfedda a., slimani a., (2018). Seismotectonic and seismological aspects of the Mostaganem (Western Algeria) May 22, 2014 (Mw 4.9) seismic event. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, February 2018, 11:57. Abstract

AIDI C., BESLIER M.O., Yelles-Chaouche A., KLINGELHOEFER F., BRACENE R., GALVE A., BOUNIF A., SCHENINI L., HAMAI L., SCHNURLE P., DJELLIT H., SAGE F., CHARVIS P., DEVERCHERE J. (2018). Deep structure of the continental margin and basin off Greater Kabylia, Algeria – New insights from wide-angle seismic data modeling and multichannel seismic interpretation. Tectonophysics, Volume 728-729, 20 March 2018, Pages 1-22. Abstract

BENMANSOUR S., YAHIAOUI A., KECHID-BENKHEROUF F., (2018). Le Campanien-Maastrichtien du bassin des Aurès, Algérie : biostratigraphie, paléoenvironnements et leurs implications [The Campanian-Maastrichtian of the Aures Basin, Algeria: Biostratigraphy, paleoenvironments and their implications]. Annales de Paléontologie, Volume 104, Issue 1, January-March 2018, pages 1-26. Abstract

Hamdache M., Peláez J.A., Gospodinov D., Henares J., (2018). Statistical Features of the 2010 Beni-Ilmane, Algeria, Aftershock Sequence. Pure and Applied Geophysics, March 2018, Volume 175, Issue 3, pp 773–792. Abstract

Khelif M.F., Yelles-Chaouche A., Benaissa Z., SEMMANE F., BELDJOUDI H., HANED A., ISSAADI A., CHAMI A., CHIMOUNI R., HARBI A., MAOUCHE S., DABBOUZ G., Aidi C., Kherroubi A. (2018). The 2016 Mihoub (north-central Algeria) earthquake sequence: Seismological and tectonic aspects.  Tectonophysics, Volume 736, 20 June 2018, Pages 62-74. Abstract

MAOUCHE S., HARBI A., (2018). The active faults of the Mitidja basin (North Central Algeria): what does the seismic history of the region tell us? A review. Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration, October 2018, 3:21. Abstract

Mechati M., Caby R., Hammor D., Bosch D., Bruguier O., Fernandez L., (2018). Reworking of intra-oceanic rocks in a deep sea basin: example from the Bou-Maiza complex (Edough massif, eastern Algeria). International Geology Review, Volume 60, Issue 4, pages 464-478. Abstract

Sardou M., Maouche S., Sabeur B., Missoum H., (2018). The November 26 and 27, 1927 devastating flood event (NW Algeria): characterization and reconstruction using historical data. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, May 2018, 11:229. Abstract


Général (incluant l’Algérie) 

(general including algeria)


ALOUI T., Ounis A., Dasgupta P., Lourimi W., Chaabani F., (2018). Depositional history of the Late Barremian deposits (Sidi Aïch Formation) in central Tunisia and adjacent parts of Algeria: A geostatistical revelation. Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 143, July 2018, Pages 278-300. Abstract


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