Bibliographie GEOLOGIQUE annuelle de l'Algérie

(annual geological bibliography of algeria)



Sahara algerien

(Algerian SAHARA)


AISSA D.E., MARIGNAC C., Controls on gold deposits in Hoggar, Tuareg Shield (Southern Algeria). Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 127, March 2017, Pages 136-145.

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AlgériE du Nord

(northern algeria)


ACHOUR Y., BOUMEZBEUR A., HADJI R., CHOUABBI A., CAVALEIRO V., BENDAOUD E.A., Landslide susceptibility mapping using analytic hierarchy process and information value methods along a highway road section in Constantine, Algeria. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, A, 10(2017):194. Abstract

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Makhlouf Y., Lefebvre B., Nardin E., Nedjari A., Paul C.R.C., The diploporite blastozoan Lepidocalix pulcher from the Middle Ordovician of northern Algeria: Taxonomic revision and palaeoecological implications. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 62 (2), (2017): 299-310. Abstract  Full text (PDF, 1.07 Mo)

MEDDAH A., BERTRAND H., SEDDIKI A., TABELIOUNA M.,  The Triassic-Liassic volcanic sequence and rift evolution in the saharan atlas basins (Algeria). Eastward vanishing of the central Atlantic magmatic province. Geologica Acta, 15(1)(2017) 11-23. Abstract   Full Text  (PDF, 2.4 Mo)

MEZIANI B., MACHANE D., BENDAOUD A., CHEIKH LOUNIS G., OUBAICHE E.H., CHABANE S., BENSALEM R., MOULOUEL H., Geotechnical and geophysical characterization of the Bouira-Algiers Highway (Ain Turck, Algeria) landslide. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, , 10(2017):117. Abstract

Moulouel H., Bensalem R., Machane D., Bendaoud A., Gharbi S., Oubaiche E.-H., Ousalem H., Skendri W., High Resistant Sand Injected Marl and Low Resistant Damaged Marl to Locate and Characterize the Thénia Fault Zone in Boumerdes City (North-Central Algeria). Pure and Applied Geophysics, Volume 174, Issue 1, 1 January 2017, Pages 103-115. Abstract

Samai S., Idres M., Ouyed M., Bourmatte A., Boughacha M.S., Bezzeghoud M., Borges J.F., A structural scheme proposal derived from geophysical data in the epicentral area of the Boumerdes (Algeria) earthquake of May 21, 2003. Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 133, September 2017, Pages 138-147. Abstract

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ZAZI L., BOUTALEB A., GUETTOUCHE M.S., Identification and mapping of clay minerals in the region of Djebel Meni (Northwestern Algeria) using hyperspectral imaging, EO-1 Hyperion sensor. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, , 10(2017):252. Abstract





Général (incluant l’Algérie) 

(general including algeria)


HAMDACHE M., PELAEZ J.A., KIJKO A., SMIT A., Energetic and spatial characterization of seismicity in the Algeria–Morocco region. Natural Hazards, 86 (Supplement 2) (2017) 273-293. Abstract


KENNEDY W.J., GALE A.S., Trans-Tethyan correlation of the Lower–Middle Cenomanian boundary interval; southern England (Southerham, near Lewes, Sussex) and Douar el Khiana, northeastern Algeria. Acta Geologica Polonica, 67(1)(2017) 75-108. Abstract  Full Text (PDF, 4.2 Mo)


Meister C., Piuz A., Cavin L., Boudad L., Bacchia F., Ettachfini E.M., Benyoucef M., Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian-Turonian) ammonites from southern Morocco and south western Algeria. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Volume 10, Issue 1, 1 January 2017, Article number 1. Abstract




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