Bibliographie GEOLOGIQUE annuelle de l'Algérie

(annual geological bibliography of algeria)



Sahara algerien

(Algerian SAHARA)


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Zerrouk S., Bendaoud A., Hamoudi M., Liégeois J.P., Boubekri H., Ben El Khaznadji R., Mapping and discriminating the Pan-African granitoids in the Hoggar (southern Algeria) using Landsat 7 ETM+ data and airborne geophysics. Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 127, March 2017, Pages 146-158.


AlgériE du Nord

(northern algeria)


ACHOUR Y., BOUMEZBEUR A., HADJI R., CHOUABBI A., CAVALEIRO V., BENDAOUD E.A., Landslide susceptibility mapping using analytic hierarchy process and information value methods along a highway road section in Constantine, Algeria. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, A, 10(2017):194. Abstract

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Boualem N., Benhamou M., Evidence of a marine Albian in Tiaret region (north-western Algeria): new paleontological data, biostratigraphic and paleogeographic implications. [Mise en évidence d’un Albien marin à céphalopodes dans la région de Tiaret (Algérie nord-occidentale): nouvelles données paléontologiques, implications biostratigraphiques et paléogéographiques]. Revue de Paléobiologie, Genève (décembre 2017) 36 (2): 433-445. Full Text

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Général (incluant l’Algérie) 

(general including algeria)


Annad O., Bendaoud A., Goria S., Web information monitoring and crowdsourcing for promoting and enhancing the Algerian geoheritage. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, , 10(2017):276. Abstract

Dommergues J.-L., Meister, C., North African (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia) ammonites of the Early Jurassic (Hettangian, Sinemurian, Pliensbachian). Atlas for species identification.[Ammonites du Jurassique inférieur (Hettangien, Sinémurien, Pliensbachien) d’Afrique du Nord (Algérie, Maroc et Tunisie). Atlas d’identification des espèces]. Revue de Paleobiologie, Volume 36, Issue 2, 2017, Pages 189-367. Full Text

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KENNEDY W.J., GALE A.S., Trans-Tethyan correlation of the Lower–Middle Cenomanian boundary interval; southern England (Southerham, near Lewes, Sussex) and Douar el Khiana, northeastern Algeria. Acta Geologica Polonica, 67(1)(2017) 75-108. Abstract  Full Text (PDF, 4.2 Mo)


Meister C., Piuz A., Cavin L., Boudad L., Bacchia F., Ettachfini E.M., Benyoucef M., Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian-Turonian) ammonites from southern Morocco and south western Algeria. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Volume 10, Issue 1, 1 January 2017, Article number 1. Abstract


SOULIMANE C., REOLID M., RITA P., MAROK A., DUARTE L.V., Uppermost Pliensbachian-Lowermost Toarcian ostracod assemblages from the Western Tethys : comparison between Traras Mountains (Algeria), Subbetic (Spain), and Algarve (Portugal). Annales de Paléontologie, 103(4)(2017) 251-269. Abstract



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