Bibliographie GEOLOGIQUE annuelle de l'Algérie

(annual geological bibliography of algeria)



 Sahara algerien

(Algerian SAHARA)


ADACI M., BENSALAH M., TABUCE R., MEBROUK F., MARIVAUX L., OTERO O., ZAOUI Dj., BENYOUCEF M., MAHBOUBI M., L'Eocène continental du complexe de Gour Lazib (Sahara Nord-occidental, Algérie). [Continental Eocene of the Gour Lazib complex (Northwestern Sahara, Algeria)]. Mémoires du Service Géologique de l'Algérie, 19 (2016) 63-89. Résumé (Abstract)

ALLEK K., BOUBAYA D., BOUGUERN A., HAMOUDI M., Spatial association analysis between hydrocarbon fields and sedimentary residual magnetic anomalies using weights of evidence : an example from the Triassic province of Algeria. Journal of Applied Geophysics, Volume 135, December 2016, pages 100-110. Abstract  

Atif K.F.T., Aretz M., Legrand-Blain M., Bouzid A., Aimouche M., Brachiopods and rugose corals in an upper Serpukhovian (Mississippian) biostrome: preliminary results from the Djebel Arhlal (Béchar Basin, Algeria). Boletín Geológico y Minero, 127 (2/3)(2016) 345-360. PDF

AYAD B., FETTOUS H., OUABADI A., Isothermal decompression of garnet metabasites from Laouni terrane in the LATEA, Central Hoggar, Algeria. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, March 2016, 9:238. Abstract

BENHALLOU A.Z., AZZOUNI-SEKKAL A., BONIN B., IKHLEF DEBABHA F., BEN EL KHAZNADJI R., LIEGEOIS J.P., Le district volcanique du Manzaz (Hoggar, Sahara algérien) : géologie, pétrographie et minéralogie [The Manzaz volcanic district (Hoggar, Algerian Sahara): geology, petrography and mineralogy]. Bulletin du Service Géologique National, v. 27, n°1-2, 2016, pp. 3-42. Résumé (Abstract)

Benyoucef M., Meister C., Mebarki K., Läng É., Adaci M., Cavin L., Malti F-Z., Zaoui D., Cherif A., Bensalah M., Évolution lithostratigraphique, paléoenvironnementale et séquentielle du Cénomanien-Turonien inférieur dans la région du Guir (Ouest algérien). Carnets de Géologie, 16(9)(2016) 217-296. Abstract Full Text (PDF, 2.3 Mo)

BERSI M., SAIBI H., CHABOU M.C., Aerogravity and remote sensing observations of an iron deposit in Gara Djebilet, southwestern Algeria. Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 116, April 2016, Pages 134-150. Abstract

BOUREGHDA N., OUZEGANE K., BENDAOUD A., AIT-DJAFER S., KIENAST J.R., Petrology, mineralogy, and PT path of calc-silicate granulites and fassaite-marbles from the Paleoproterozoic Gour Oumelalen area (Central Hoggar, Algeria). Arabian Journal of Geosciences, June 2016, 9:492. Abstract

Dahoumane A., Nedjari A., Aït-Ouali R., Taquet P., Vacant R., Steyer J.S., A new Mastodonsauroid Temnospondyl from the Triassic of Algeria: Implications for the biostratigraphy and palaeoenvironments of the Zarzaïtine Series, northern Sahara. [Un nouveau temnospondyle mastodonsauroïde du Trias d’Algérie : implications biostratigraphiques et paléoenvironnementales dans la série de Zarzaïtine, Nord du Sahara]. Comptes Rendus Palevol, Volume 15, Issue 8, November–December 2016, Pages 918-926. Open Access  PDF (2916 K)

Decalf C., Dowdeswell J.A., Fugelli E.M.G., Seismic character of possible buried grounding-zone wedges in the Late Ordovician glacial rocks of Algeria. Geological Society Memoir Volume 46, Issue 1, 2016, Pages 245-246. Abstract

Derder M.E.M., Maouche S., Liégeois J.P., Henry B., Amenna M., Ouabadi A., Bellon H., Bruguier O., Bayou B., Bestandji R., Nouar O., Bouabdallah H., Ayache M., Beddiaf M., Discovery of a Devonian mafic magmatism on the western border of the Murzuq basin (Saharan metacraton): Paleomagnetic dating and geodynamical implications. Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 115, March 2016, Pages 159–176. Abstract

English K.L., Redfern J., Corcoran D.V., English J.M., Cherif R.Y., Constraining burial history and petroleum charge in exhumed basins: New insights from the Illizi Basin, Algeria.

English K.L., English J.M., Redfern J., HOLLIS C., Corcoran D.V., OXTOBY N., Cherif R.Y., Remobilization of deep basin during exhumation of the Illizi Basin, Algeria. Marine and Petroleum Geology, Volume 78, December 2016, pages 679-689. Abstract

FEIST, R., MAHBOUBI, A., GIRARD, C., New Late Devonian phacopid trilobites from Marhouma, SW Algerian Sahara. Bulletin of Geosciences, 91(2)(2016) 243-259. Abstract  Full Text (PDF, 3.15 MB)

Felici, F., Alemanni, A., Bouacida, D., de Montleau, P., Fractured reservoir modeling: From well data to dynamic flow. Methodology and application to a real case study in Illizi Basin (Algeria). Tectonophysics, Volume 690,  October 2016, Pages 117-130. Abstract

Ferré B., Benyoucef M., Zaoui D., Adaci M., Piuz A., Tchenar S., Meister C., Mebarki K., Bensala, M., Cenomanian-Turonian roveacrinid microfacies assemblages (Crinoidea, Roveacrinida) from the Tinrhert area (SE Algeria). [Assemblages microfaciologiques de rovéacrinides (Crinoidea, Roveacrinida) du Cénomano-Turonien de la région de Tinrhert (Algérie du Sud-Est)]. Annales de Paleontologie, Volume 102, Issue 4, 1 October 2016, Pages 225-235. Abstract

GABANI A., MAMMERI C., ADACI M., BENSALAH M., MAHBOUBI M., Le Crétacé continental à vertébrés de la bordure sud du Plateau du Tinhert : découvertes paléontologiques et considérations stratigraphiques. [The continental Cretaceous vertebrates of the southern border of the Tinhert shelf : paleontological discoveries and stratigraphic considerations]. Mémoires du Service Géologique de l'Algérie, 19 (2016) 39-61. Résumé (Abstract)

Hammad N., Djidel M., Maabedi N., Cartographie des linéaments géologiques en domaine aride par extraction semi-automatique à partir d’images satellitaires: Exemple à la région d’El Kseïbat (Sahara algérien). Estudios Geologicos, 72(1)(2016), e049. Abstract  PDF

Hammouda, S.A., Mebrouk F., Adaci M., Bensalah M., Mahboubi M., Discovery of a Charophyte locality and Biostratigraphy of the continental Eocene deposits of Oued Méridja (southwestern Algeria). [Découverte d'un gisement de Charophytes et Biostratigraphie de l’Éocène continental d'Oued Méridja (sud-ouest algérien)]. Revue de Micropaleontologie, Volume 59, Issue 4, 1 October 2016, Pages 445-456. Abstract

Hammouda S.-A., Murray A.M., Divay J.D., Mebrouk F., Adaci M., Bensalah M., Earliest occurrence of Hydrocynus (Characiformes, Alestidae) from Eocene continental deposits of méridja Hamada, Northwestern Sahara, Algeria. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, Volume 53, Issue 10, 25 May 2016, Pages 1042-1052. Abstract

Harrouchi L., Hamoudi M., Bendaoud A., Beguiret L., Application of 3D Euler deconvolution and improved tilt angle to the aeromagnetic data of In Ouzzal terrane, western Hoggar, Algeria. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Volume 9, Issue 7, 1 June 2016, Article number 508. Abstract

Hirst, J.P.P., Ordovician shallow-marine tidal sandwaves in Algeria - the application of coeval outcrops to constrain the geometry and facies of a discontinuous, high-quality gas reservoir. Geological Society Special Publication, Volume 436, Issue 1, 2016, Pages 135-150. Abstract

KACZMAREK M.A., BODINIER J.L., BOSCH D., TOMMASI A., DAUTRIA J.M., KECHID S.A., Metasomatized Mantle Xenoliths as a Record of the Lithospheric Mantle Evolution of the Northern Edge of the Ahaggar Swell, In Teria (Algeria). Journal of Petrology, 57(2)(2016) 345-382. Abstract

KECHID S.A., SMITH D.CH., Données préliminaires sur une zéolite riche en K et Ba dans les xénolites mantelliques métasomatisés d'In Téria (Illizi, Algérie). [Preliminary data on a K-Ba rich zeolite in metasomatized mantle xenoliths of In Teria (Illizi, Algeria)]. Mémoires du Service Géologique de l'Algérie, 19 (2016) 113-122. Résumé (Abstract)

KHALDI A.Y., CRONIER C., HAINAUT G., ABBACHE A., OUALI MEHADJI A., A trilobite faunule from the Lower Devonian of the Saoura Valley, Algeria: biodiversity, morphological variability and palaeobiogeographical affinities. Geological Magazine, 153(3) (2016) 357-387. Abstract

KRIM N., NEDJARI A., Les événements au passage Dévonien-Carbonifère : Evidences des prémices de l'orogenèse hercynienne dans la région de l'Ougarta (Marhouma), dans le bassin de Timimoun (Gara El Kahla) et dans l'Ahnet (Akebli), Sahara algérien. [The Devonian-Carboniferous transition events : first hercynian orogeny evidences in the Ougarta region (Marhouma), the Timimoun Basin (Gara el Kahla) and in the Ahnet (Akebli), Algerian Sahara]. Mémoires du Service Géologique de l'Algérie, 19 (2016) 5-26. Résumé (Abstract)

LAMALI A., ROCHETTE P., MERABET N., ABTOUT A., MAOUCHE S., GATTACCECA J., FERRIERE L., HAMOUDI M., ASTER Team, MEZIANE E.H., AYACHE M., Geophysical and magneto-structural study of the Maâdna structure (Talemzane, Algeria) : Insights on its age and origin. Meteoritics and Planetary Science, Volume 51, Issue 12, December 2016, pages 2249-2273. Abstract

Lamri T., Djemaï S., Hamoudi M., Zoheir B., Bendaoud A., Ouzegane K., Amara M., Satellite imagery and airborne geophysics for geologic mapping of the Edembo area, Eastern Hoggar (Algerian Sahara). Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 115, March 2016, Pages 143–158. Abstract

MARIGNAC C., AISSA D.E., BOUABSA L., KESRAOUI M., NEDJARI S.,  The Hoggar Gold and Rare Metals Metallogenic Province of the Pan-African Tuareg Shield (Central Sahara, South Algeria): An Early Cambrian Echo of the Late Ediacaran Murzukian Event?. In : Bouabdellah M. and Slack J.F., (Eds.), Mineral deposits of North Africa, Mineral Resource reviews, Springer, 2016, pp. 371-404. Abstract

MAZROU S., BOUGUEROUA R., FELLAG K., La formation à bois fossile du Continental Intercalaire (Néocomien-Barrémien présumé) du Sahara algérien (Gourara, Touat, Tidikelt). Contexte biorhexistasique et climatique. [The fossil wood formation of the Algerian Sahara Intercalated Continental (Gourara-Touat-Tidikelt). Biorhexistasy and climate contexts]. Mémoires du Service Géologique de l'Algérie, 19 (2016) 91-112. Résumé (Abstract)

Mebarki K., Sauvagnat J., Benyoucef M., Zaoui D., Benachour H.B., Adaci M., Mahboubi M., Bensalah M., Cenomanian-Turonian ostracodes from the Western Saharan Atlas and the Guir Basin (SW Algeria).[Ostracodes cénomano-turoniens dans l'Atlas saharien occidental et le Bassin du Guir (sud-ouest de l'Algérie): Systématique, biostratigraphie et paléobiogéographie]. Revue de Paleobiologie, Volume 35, Issue 1, June 2016, Pages 249-277. Abstract

Merabet N., Mahdjoub Y., Henry B., Abtout A., Maouche S., Kahoui M., Lamali A., Ayache M., Paleoproterozoic structural frame of the Yetti domain (Eglab shield, Algeria): Emplacement conditions of the Tinguicht late pluton from magnetic fabric study. Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 114, February 2016, Pages 158-173. Abstract

SAHOUI R., BELHAI D., JAMBON A., Impact-generated carbonate melts in the Talemzane impact structure (Laghouat, Algeria). Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Springer, 9 (2016): 641. Abstract

TALAMALI S., CHAOUCHI R., BENAYAD S., Sedimentological evolution of the Lower Series formation in the southern area of the Hassi R’Mel field, Saharan Platform, Algeria. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, May 2016, 9:481. Abstract

ZEGHOUANE H., ALLEK K., KESRAOUI M., GIS-based weights of evidence modeling applied to mineral prospectivity mapping of Sn-W and rare metals in Laouni area, Central Hoggar, Algeria. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, May 2016, 9:373. Abstract


AlgériE du Nord

(northern algeria)


Abbassene F., Chazot G., Bellon H., Bruguier O., Ouabadi A., Maury R.C., Déverchére J., Bosch D., Monié P., A 17 Ma onset for the post-collisional K-rich calc-alkaline magmatism in the Maghrebides: Evidence from Bougaroun (northeastern Algeria) and geodynamic implications. Tectonophysics, Volume 674, 2 April 2016, Pages 114-134. Abstract

Abbes K., Dorbath L., Dorbath C., Djeddi M., Ousadou F., Maouche S., Benkaci N., Slimani A., Larbes S., Bouziane D., The Beni Haoua, Algeria, Mw 4.9 earthquake: source parameters, engineering, and seismotectonic implications. Journal of Seismology, April 2016, Volume 20, Issue 2, pp. 655-667. Abstract

Baddari K., Bellalem F., Baddari I., Makdeche S., Some Probabilistic and Statistical Properties of the Seismic Regime of Zemmouri (Algeria) Seismoactive Zone. Acta Geophysica, Volume 64, Issue 5, 1 October 2016, Pages 1275-1310. Full Text  (PDF, 1.80 Mo)

BAGDI S., NEDJARI A., Décryptage de la néotectonique dans le massif côtier de Sidi Medjeni (Dellys, Algérie) : basculement et soulèvement de blocs. [Deciphering neotectonics in the Sidi Medjeni coastal block -(Dellys, Algeria) : blocks tilting and uplift]. Bulletin du Service Géologique National, v. 27, n°1-2, 2016, pp. 85-103. Résumé (Abstract)

BARA M., HADDOUCHE O., BOUTALEB A., Les minéralisations à Zn-Pb de Merouana (Monts de Belezma, N.E de l'Algérie) : contexte géologique et apport de l'étude des inclusions fluides [Mineralizations with Pb-Zn of Merouana (Belezma Mounts, N-E Algeria): geological context and contribution of the fluid inclusions study]. Bulletin du Service Géologique National, v. 27, n°1-2, 2016, pp. 43-54. Résumé (Abstract)

Beguiret L., Assassi F., Harrouchi L., Deconvolution applied to aeromagnetic data of the Debbagh massive, neritic Constantinois (north-eastern Algeria). Bollettino di Geofisica Teorica ed Applicata, Volume 57, Issue 3, 1 September 2016, Pages 247-260. Abstract  Full Text (PDF, 9.7 Mo)

Beldjoudi H., Delouis B., Djellit H., Yelles-Chaouche A., Gharbi S., Abacha I., The Beni-Ilmane (Algeria) seismic sequence of May 2010: Seismic sources and stress tensor calculations. Tectonophysics, Volume 670, 22 February 2016, Pages 101-114. Abstract

Belhai D., Ouabadi A., Tribute by the Algerian Geologists to Professor Michel Durand-Delga (1923-2012). The geological work of M. Michel Durand-Delga in Algeria. Boletín Geológico y Minero, 127 (2/3): 305-316. PDF

Belhai M., Fujimitsu Y., Bouchareb-Haouchine F.Z., Haouchine A., Nishijima J., A hydrochemical study of the Hammam Righa geothermal waters in north-central Algeria. Acta Geochimica, Volume 35, Issue 3, 1 September 2016, Pages 271-287. Abstract

Benmansour S., Andreu B., Yahiaoui A., The Campanian–Maastrichtian of the Aures Basin, Algeria: Paleobiogeographical distribution of ostracods. Cretaceous Research, Volume 58, March 2016, Pages 86-107. Abstract

BOUZENOUNE A., BOUFAA K., REMOUM K., Lithostratigraphie du Lias carbonaté de la région de Sidi Marouf et description des minéralisations (Fe, Cu-Ba) associées (Jijel, Algérie Nord orientale). [Lithostratigraphy of the Sidi Marouf region carbonated Lias and description of the associated (Fe, Cu-Ba) mineralization (Jijel, Northeastern Algeria)]. Mémoires du Service Géologique de l'Algérie, 19 (2016) 27-37. Résumé (Abstract)

BOUZID R., BENHAMOU M., MARMI R., Les ostracodes du Paléocène-Eocène de l'Unité Sénonienne de la région d'Ain Temouchent (Algérie) : biozonation et implications paléoenvironnementales. [Senonian unit Paleocene-Eocene ostracodes in the region of Ain Temouchent : biozonation and paleo-environmental implication]. Bulletin du Service Géologique National, v. 27, n°1-2, 2016, pp. 55-83. Résumé (Abstract)

CHAA H., BOUTALEB A., Mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of the Zaccar Fe-(Ba-Pb-Zn-Cu) deposit in Ain Defla, Algeria (Northwestern Algeria). Arabian Journal of Geosciences, April 2016, 9:266. Abstract

CHEBBAH M., A Miocene-restricted platform of the Zibane zone (Saharan Atlas, Algeria), depositional sequences and paleogeographic reconstruction. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, February 2016, 9:151. Abstract

FARHI W., BOUDELLA A., SAIBI H., BOUNIF M.O.A., Integration of magnetic, gravity, and well data in imaging subsurface geology in the Ksar Hirane region (Laghouat, Algeria). Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 124, December 2016, pages 63-74. Abstract.

GERAADS D., Pleistocene Carnivora (Mammalia) from Tighennif (Ternifine), Algeria. Geobios, Volume 49, Issue 6, November-December 2016, pages 445-458. Abstract

HADDOUCHE O., BOUTALEB A., CHAMAM M., YSBAA S., HAMOUCHE H., BOUBAYA D., Pb-Zn (Ba) deposits of the oriental Saharan Atlas (north-east of Algeria): distribution, control and implications for mining exploration. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, May 2016, 9:422. Abstract

HASSANI M., CHABOU M.C., HADDOUM H., HAMOUDI M., Tectonic control on the morphology of the subcircular structure of El Mdaouar (Saharan Atlas, Algeria): insights from geological and remote sensing data. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Springer, 9 (2016): 632. Abstract

Laouar r., salmi-Laouar s., Sami l., Boyce a.j., Kolli o., Boutaleb a., Fallick a.e., Fluid inclusion and stable isotope studies of the Mesloula Pb-Zn-Ba ore deposit, NE Algeria: Characteristics and origin of the mineralizing fluids. Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 121, September 2016, Pages 119-135. Abstract

Layadi K., Semmane F., Yelles-Chaouche A.K., Site-effects investigation in the city of chlef (Formerly El-Asnam), Algeria, using earthquake and ambient vibration data. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Volume 106, Issue 5, October 2016, Pages 2185-2196. Abstract

LUSTRINO M., AGOSTINI S., CHALAL Y., FEDELE L., STAGNO V., COLOMBI F., BOUGUERRA A., Exotic lamproites or normal ultrapotassic rocks ? The late Miocene volcanic rocks from Kef Hahouner, NE Algeria, in the frame of the circum-Mediterranean lamproites. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, Volume 327, November 2016, pages 539-553. Abstract

MARIGNAC C., AISSA D.E., DELOULE E., CHEILLETZ A., GASQUET D., Edough-Cap de Fer Polymetallic District, Northeast Algeria: I. The Late Miocene Paleogeothermal System of Aïn Barbar and Its Cu–Zn–Pb Vein Mineralization. In : Bouabdellah M. and Slack J.F., (Eds.), Mineral deposits of North Africa, Mineral Resource reviews, Springer, 2016, pp. 249-276. Abstract

MARIGNAC C., AISSA D.E., CHEILLETZ A., GASQUET D., Edough-Cap de Fer Polymetallic District, Northeast Algeria: II. Metallogenic Evolution of a Late Miocene Metamorphic Core Complex in the Alpine Maghrebide Belt. In : Bouabdellah M. and Slack J.F., (Eds.), Mineral deposits of North Africa, Mineral Resource reviews, Springer, 2016, pp. 167-199. Abstract

Meliani O., Bourmatte A., Hamoudi M., Haddoum H., Quesnel Y., Moho depth derived from gravity and magnetic data in the Southern Atlas Flexure (Algeria). Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 121, September 2016, Pages 100-107. Abstract 

Midoun M., Seddiki A., The mafic, ultramafic and metamorphic xenoliths in triassic evaporite complexes, North West Algeria. Boletín Geológico y Minero, 127 (2/3) (2016): 333-344. PDF 

SEMCHAOUI A.A., KOLLI O., BOUTALEB A., ZERROUKI T., The vein-type barite mineralization of the Draïssa ore field, Ougarta, SW-Algeria : mineralogy, trace elements and halogens. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, October 2016, 9:679. Abstract

Zaagane M., Refas S., Khaldi A., Donzé F., Hamimed A., Safa A., Kacem M., Sebbane A., Azzaz H., Mouassa S., Relationship between geo-structural evolution and development of karstic systems in the culminating area of Ouarsenis (West Algeria). Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Springer, 9 (2016): 638. Abstract



Général (incluant l’Algérie)

(general including algeria)




Cózar P., Somerville I.D., Vachard D., Coronado I., García-Frank A., Medina-Varea P., Said I., Del Moral B., Rodríguez S., Upper Mississippian to lower Pennsylvanian biostratigraphic correlation of the Sahara Platform successions on the northern margin of Gondwana (Morocco, Algeria, Libya). Gondwana Research, 36(2016) 459-472. Abstract


SCHETTINO A., MACCHIAVELLI C., Plate kinematics of the central Atlantic during the Oligocene and early Miocene. Geophysical Journal International, 205(1)(2016) 408-426.  Abstract



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