Bibliographie GEOLOGIQUE annuelle de l'Algérie

(annual geological bibliography of algeria)



Sahara algerien

(Algerian SAHARA)


adjerid z., OUZEGANE K., BENDAOUD A., AIT DJAFER S., BOUREGHDA N., DJEMAI S., Les traceurs minéralogiques d'un flux thermique extrême dans les granulites de l'unité de l'In Ouzzal (Hoggar occidental). [Mineralogic tracers of an extreme thermal flux in the In Ouzzal unit granulites (Western Hoggar)]. Bulletin du Service Géologique National, 25(2)(2014) 159-180. Abstract

Aïfa T., Baouche R., Baddari K., Neuro-fuzzy system to predict permeability and porosity from well log data: A case study of Hassi R׳Mel gas field, Algeria. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Volume 123, November 2014, Pages 217-229. Abstract

Aïfa T., Zerrouki A.A., Baddari K., Géraud Y., Magnetic susceptibility and its relation with fractures and petrophysical parameters in the tight sand oil reservoir of Hamra quartzites, southwest of the Hassi Messaoud oil field, Algeria. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Volume 123, November 2014, Pages 120-137. Abstract

Amenna M., Derder M.E.M., Henry B., Bayou B., Maouche S., Bouabdallah H., Ouabadi A., Ayache M., Beddiaf M., Improved Moscovian part of the Gondwana APWP for paleocontinental reconstructions, obtained from a first paleomagnetic pole, age-constrained by a fold test, from In Ezzane area in the Murzuq basin (Algeria, stable Africa). Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 99, Part 2, November 2014, Pages 342-352. Abstract

BAGDI S., KRIM N., NEDJARI A., Etude du Quaternaire moyen et récent de Khneg Tlaïa (Monts d’Ougarta, Sahara algérien). Analyse des dépôts et enseignements climatiques. [Middle and recent quartenary of Khneg Tlaïa study (Ougarta Mounts, Algerian Sahara). Deposits analysis and climatic lessons]. Bulletin du Service Géologique National, 25(3)(2014) 273-287. Abstract

Benayad S.Park Y.-S.Chaouchi R.Kherfi N., Parameters controlling the quality of the Hamra Quartzite reservoir, southern Hassi Messaoud, Algeria: Insights from a petrographic, geochemical, and provenance study. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Volume 7, Issue 4, April 2014, Pages 1541-1557. Abstract

Benyoucef M.Adaci M.Meister C.Läng E.Malti F.-Z.Mebarki K.Cherif A.Zaoui D.Benyoucef A.Bensalah M., The "Continental Intercalaire" in the Guir area (Algeria): New paleontological, ichnological and sedimentological data. [Le «Continental Intercalaire» dans la région du Guir (Algérie): Nouvelles données paléontologiques, ichnologiques et sédimentologiques]. Revue de Paléobiologie, Volume 33, Issue 1, June 2014, Pages 281-297. Full Text

Berger J., Ouzegane K., Bendaoud A., Liégeois J.-P., Kiénast J.-R., Bruguier O., Caby R., Continental subduction recorded by Neoproterozoic eclogite and garnet amphibolites from Western Hoggar (Tassendjanet terrane, Tuareg Shield, Algeria). Precambrian Research, Volume 247, July 2014, Pages 139-158. Abstract

BOUZEGUELLA-TALMAT S., BONIN b., OUABADI a., lIEGEOIS J.P., Pétrographie, minéralogie et conditions de cristallisation de la série TTG du batholite composite panafricain de l’Amsel (Hoggar central, Algérie), témoin d'un mélange de magmas. [Petrography, mineralogy and cristallization conditions of the Amsel Pan-African batholit of the TTG series (Western Hoggar, Algeria), witness of a magma mixing]. Bulletin du Service Géologique National, 25(3)(2014) 243-272. Abstract

BRIEDJ M., AMOKRANE M., La discordance "Pharusien sur Suggarien" dans le Hoggar central (Algérie): un contact tectonique. [The unconformity "Pharusian upon Suggarian" in the Central Hoggar(Algeria) : a tectonic contact]. Bulletin du Service Géologique National, 25(1)(2014) 55-66. Abstract

CHELLAT S., DJERRAB A., BOUREFIS A., HAMDI AISSA B., Les grès mio-pliocènes de la région de Guerrara-Ghardaia : analyse sédimentologique, séquentielle et paléoenvironnementale. [Mio-Pliocene sandstones of the Guerrara region-Ghardaia : sedimentological, sequential and palaeoenvironmental analyses]. Bulletin du Service Géologique National, 25(2)(2014) 105-125. Abstract 

Cózar P., Vachard D., Somerville I.D., Medina-Varea P., Rodríguez S., Said I., The Tindouf Basin, a marine refuge during the Serpukhovian (Carboniferous) mass extinction in the northwestern Gondwana platform. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Volume 394, 15 January 2014, Pages 12-28. Abstract

Deroin J.P., Djemai S., Bendaoud A., Brahimi B., Ouzegane K., Kienast J.R., Integrating geologic and satellite radar data for mapping dome-and-basin patterns in the In Ouzzal Terrane, Western Hoggar, Algeria. Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 99, Part 2, November 2014, Pages 652-665. Abstract

Doukkari S.A., Ouzegane K., Arab A., Kienast J.R., Godard G., Drareni A., Zetoutou S., Liégeois J.P., Phase relationships and PT path in NCFMASHTO system of the eclogite from the Tighsi area (Egere terrane, Central Hoggar, Algeria). Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 99, Part 2, November 2014, Pages 276-286. Abstract

Elliot T., Bonotto D.M., Andrews J.N., Dissolved uranium, radium and radon evolution in the Continental Intercalaire Aquifer, Algeria and Tunisia. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, Volume 137, November 2014, pp. 150-162. Abstract

GODARD G., CHABOU M.C., ADJERID Z., BENDAOUD A., A., First African diamonds discovered in Algeria by the ancient Arabo-Berbers: History and insight into the source rocks. Comptes Rendus Geoscience, Volume 346, Issue 7-8, July-August 2014, 179-189. Abstract

HENRY B., DERDER M.E.M., AMENNA M., MAOUCHE S., BAYOU B., OUABADI A., BOUABDALLAH H., BEDDIAF M., AYACHE M., BESTANDJI R., Paleomagnetic dating of continental geological formations: Strong diachronism evidenced in the Saharan platform and geodynamical implications. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 99(2) (2014) 353-362. Abstract

KOURIM F., BODINIER J.L., ALARD O., BENDAOUD A., VAUCHEZ A., DAUTRIA J.M., Nature and Evolution of the Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Hoggar Swell (Algeria): a Record from Mantle Xenoliths. Journal of Petrology, 55 (11)(2014): 2249-2280. Abstract

LAGRAA K., BEZIAT D., DEBAT P., SALVI S., KOLLI O., Le pluton paléoprotérozoïque de la structure circulaire de Bled M'Dena (Eglab, SW Algérien) : pétrographie et géochimie. [The palaeoproterozoic Bled M'Dena circular intrusion (Eglab, SW Algeria) : petrography and geochemistry].  Bulletin du Service Géologique National, 25(2)(2014) 127-157. Abstract

LAMALI A., MERABET N., HENRY B., MAOUCHE S., HAMOUDI M., AYACHE M., Réaimantations énigmatiques des formations du Silurien et du Dévonien inférieur du Tassili-N-Ajjer (Bassin d'Illizi, Algérie). [Enigmatic remagnetizations of the Silurian and Lower Devonian formations of the Tassili N'Ajjer (Illizi Basin, Algeria)].  Bulletin du Service Géologique National, 25(2)(2014) 181-199. Abstract 

LAZOUNI A., BENALI H., AISSA D.E., GUETTOUCHE M.S., Distribution des paramètres teneur et puissance dans les filons aurifères du gisement d'Amesmessa (Hoggar occidental, Algérie). Cas de la zone 8. [Distribution of the grade and thickness parameters in the auriferous veins of the Amesmessa deposit (Western Hoggar, Algeria). Case of zone 8]. Bulletin du Service Géologique National, 25(1)(2014) 33-53. Abstract

Mahboubi S., Bocherens H., Scheffler M., Benammi M., Jaeger J.J., Was the Early Eocene proboscidean Numidotherium koholense semi-aquatic or terrestrial? Evidence from stable isotopes and bone histology. [Numidotherium koholense, un proboscidien primitif de l’Eocène inférieur, était-il terrestre ou semi-aquatique ? Contribution de l’analyse des isotopes stables et de l’histologie osseuse]. Comptes Rendus Palevol, Volume 13, Issue 6, September 2014, Pages 501-509. Abstract

Merabet N.Mahdjoub Y.Abtout A.Henry B.Kahoui M.Maouche S.Lamali A.Ayache M., The Paleoproterozoic Djebel Drissa ring complex (Eglab shield, Algeria): Post-collisional intrusions in a transtentional tectonic setting. Tectonophysics, Volume 629, 26 August 2014, Pages 197–210. Abstract

Solé F.Lhuillier J.Adaci M.Bensalah M.Mahboubi M.Tabuce R., The hyaenodontidans from the Gour Lazib area (?Early Eocene, Algeria): Implications concerning the systematics and the origin of the Hyainailourinae and Teratodontinae. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology, Volume 12, Issue 3, 3 April 2014, Pages 303-322. Abstract

Wazir I.Pagel M.Tournier F.Portier E.Renac C., Role of compressive tectonics on gas charging into the Ordovician sandstone reservoirs in the Sbaa Basin, Algeria: Constrained by fluid inclusions and mineralogical data. Geofluids, Volume 14, Issue 1, February 2014, Pages 106-126. Abstract

Yahiaoui R., Dautria J.-M., Alard O., Bosch D., Azzouni-Sekkal A., Bodinier J.-L., A volcanic district between the Hoggar uplift and the Tenere Rifts: Volcanology, geochemistry and age of the In-Ezzane lavas (Algerian Sahara). Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 92, April 2014, Pages 14-20. Abstract

Zerrouki A.A., Aïfa T., Baddari K., Prediction of natural fracture porosity from well log data by means of fuzzy ranking and an artificial neural network in Hassi Messaoud oil field, Algeria. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Volume 123, November 2014, Pages 78-89. Abstract


AlgériE du Nord

(northern algeria)


Abtout A., Boukerbout H., Bouyahiaoui B., Gibert D., Gravimetric evidences of active faults and underground structure of the Cheliff seismogenic basin (Algeria). Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 99, Part 2, November 2014, Pages 363-373. Abstract

Aïfa T., Neogene rotations of the Chenoua massif, northern Algeria, from remagnetizations. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Volume 7, November 2014, pp. 4629-4640. Abstract

Aïfa T., Zaagane M.,, Brittle tectonics within the Jurassic formations of the Ouarsenis culminating area, northwestern Algeria. Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 96, August 2014, Pages 39-50. Abstract

BENHAMOUCHE A., NEDJARI A., BOUHADAD Y., MACHANE D., OUBAICHE E., SIDI SAID N., Field evidence of seismites in Quaternary deposits of the Jijel (Eastern Algeria) coastal region. Journal of Seismology, , Volume 18, Issue 2, pp 289-299. Abstract

BENSLAMA-HABIKI H., NEDJARI A., Les ostracodes et leur répartition dans les sédiments superficiels de la baie de Bou-Ismaïl (Méditerranée méridionale, Algérie). [Ostracods distribution in the superficial sediments of the Bou-Ismail bay (Southernmost Mediterranean, Algeria]. Bulletin du Service Géologique National, 25(3)(2014) 311-340. Abstract

Bosch D., Hammor D., Mechati M., Fernandez L., Bruguier O., Caby R., Verdoux P., Geochemical study (major, trace elements and Pb–Sr–Nd isotopes) of mantle material obducted onto the North African margin (Edough Massif, North Eastern Algeria): Tethys fragments or lost remnants of the Liguro–Provençal basin?. Tectonophysics, Volume 6266, 20 June 2014, Pages 53-68. Abstract

BOUHADAD Y., Occurrence and impact of characteristic earthquakes in northern Algeria. Natural Hazards, , Volume 72, Issue 3, pp 1329-1339. Abstract

Caby R., Bruguier O., Fernandez L., Hammor D., Bosch D., Mechati M., Laouar R., Ouabadi A., Abdallah N., Douchet C., Metamorphic diamonds in a garnet megacryst from the Edough Massif (northeastern Algeria). Recognition and geodynamic consequences. Tectonophysics, Volume 637, pp. 341-353. Abstract

Cai S.Xia B.Wan Z.-F.Wang L.-H., Study on tectonic evolution and target areas for hydrocarbon exploration in Cheliff Basin, Algeria. Natural Gas Geoscience, Volume 25, Issue 4, April 2014, Pages 551-557.

CHAIBI L., TOUBAL A.C., Vulnérabilité et risque de pollution de la nappe plio-quaternaire du Haut et Moyen Chélif. [Vulnerability and risk of pollution of the High and Middle Chelif Plio-Quaternary aquifer]. Bulletin du Service Géologique National, 25(2)(2014) 229-242. Abstract 

FERDI S., HARBI A., Roman literary and epigraphic sources for the study of historical seismicity in Algeria circa 42–420 AD. Journal of Seismology, , Volume 18, Issue 2, pp 277-287. Abstract

Guidoum A., Nemouchi A., Hamlat A., Modeling and mapping of water erosion in northeastern Algeria using a seasonal multicriteria approach. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Volume 7, October 2014, pp. 3925-3943. Abstract

HACHEMI Y.L., BELANTEUR O., KESRAOUI M., Les zéolites des basaltes de Sidi Ali Ben Zomra- Djebel Fillaoussène - (Nord Ouest Algérien). [Zeolites of Sidi Ali Ben Zomra - Djebel Fillaoussene basalts - (North-Western Algeria)]. Bulletin du Service Géologique National, 25(1)(2014) 21-32. Abstract  

HADDOUCHE O., BOUTALEB A., BENHAMOUD I., Contexte structural des minéralisations liées à la bordure Nord des Monts des Aurès (NE de l'Algérie) et des régions voisines : exemple des gisements à Ba-Pb (Zn-Cu) d'Ichmoul et d'Ain Mimoun. [Structural setting of mineralizations related to the northern border of the Aures Mounts (NE of Algeria) and neighboring regions : example of Ba-Pb (Zn-Cu) deposits of Ichmoul and Ain Mimoun]. Bulletin du Service Géologique National, 25(1)(2014) 3-19. Abstracttract

Hadj Zobir S., Altenberger U., Günter C., Geochemistry and petrology of metamorphosed submarine basic ashes in the Edough Massif (Cap de Garde, Annaba, northeastern Algeria). Comptes Rendus Geoscience, Volume 346, Issues 9–10, September–October 2014, Pages 244-254. Abstract

KESSASRA F., MESBAH M., BENDJOUDI H., Modélisation des écoulements souterrains dans les alluvions de la basse vallée de la Soummam (Nord-est algérien) et persepective sur l'évolution des prélèvements. [Modelling of groundwater flow in the alluvial aquifer of the Lower Soummam Valley (North-Eastern Algeria) and sampling future prospect]. Bulletin du Service Géologique National, 25(2)(2014) 201-228. Abstract 

KHAROUBI B., TAlBI D., ALMERAS Y., Le genre Soaresirhynchia dans le Toarcien inférieur des monts de Saïda - Ghar-Roubane (Algérie). Implications paléoécologiques et paléogéographiques. [Genus Soaresirhynchia in the Earlier Toarcian of Saïda and Ghar-Roubane mountains (Algeria). Paleoecologic and paleogeographic implications]. Bulletin du Service Géologique National, 25(3)(2014) 289-309. Abstract 

MAIZI D., ISSAADI A., Caractérissation hydrochimique et isotopique des eaux de l'Aaléno-Bathonien du bassin versant du Chott Ech Chergui (Hauts Plateaux Ouest-Algérie). [Hydrochemical and isotopic characterization of water ressources of the Aaleno-Bathonian aquifer in the Chott Ech Chergui watershed (Western Highlands, Algeria)].  Bulletin du Service Géologique National, 25(1)(2014) 67-84. Abstract 

Medaouri M., Déverchère J., Graindorge D., Bracene R., Badji R., Ouabadi A., Yelles-Chaouche K., Bendiab F., The transition from Alboran to Algerian basins (Western Mediterranean Sea): Chronostratigraphy, deep crustal structure and tectonic evolution at the rear of a narrow slab rollback system. Journal of Geodynamics, Volume 77, July 2014, Pages 186-205. Abstract

NAIT AMArA-BENHAMMOUCHE B., AISSA D.E., Contribution des S.I.G. à l'étude des minéralisations de la partie centro-orientale du Nord Algérien. [Contribution of GIS to the study of minerals deposits in central-eastern part of North Algeria]. Bulletin du Service Géologique National, 25(1)(2014) 85-103. Abstract 

Ould Taleb-Ouibrahim Z.Benali H.Medini S.Belmouhoub A., Developing a geographic information system (GIS) for mapping and analyzing the polymetallic deposits of M'Sirda volcanic province, Northwest Algeria. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Volume 7, Issue 6, June 2014, Pages 2107-2117. Abstract

Renac C., Mexias A., Louni-Hacini A., Brouillet S., Cottin J.-Y., Rhyolite petrogenesis and meteoric–hydrothermal alteration at the Maghnia volcanic massif, Northwest Algeria. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, Volume 143, August 2014, Pages 1-18. Abstract

Reolid M., Marok A., Sèbane A., Foraminiferal assemblages and geochemistry for interpreting the incidence of Early Toarcian environmental changes in North Gondwana palaeomargin (Traras Mountains, Algeria. Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 95, July 2014, Pages 105-122. Abstract

Ruault-Djerrab m., Kechid-Benkherouf f., Djerrab a., Données paléoenvironnementales sur le Vraconnien/Cénomanien de la région de Tébessa (Atlas Saharien, nord-est Algérie). Caractérisation de l’OAE2 [Palaeoenvironmental data on Vraconnian/Cenomanian levels of Tébessa area (Saharan Atlas, north-east Algeria). Characterisation of the OAE2]. Annales de Paléontologie, Volume 100, Issue 4, October–December 2014, Pages 343-359. Abstract

Satour L., Lauriat-Rage A., Belkebir L., Bessedik M., Biodiversity and taphonomy of bivalve assemblages of the Pliocene of Algeria (Bas Chelif Basin). Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Volume 7, December 2014, p. 5295-5308. Abstract

Vecchio A., Anzidei M., Carbone V., New insights on the tsunami recording of the May, 21, 2003, Mw 6.9 Boumerdès earthquake from tidal data analysis. Journal of Geodynamics, Volume 79, September 2014, Pages 39-49.  Abstract

YELLES-CHAOUCHE A.K., ABACHA I., SEMMANE F., BELDJOUDI H., DJELLIT H., H., The Beni-Ilmane (North-Central Algeria) Earthquake Sequence of May 2010. Pure and Applied Geophysics, Volume 171, Issue 7, July 2014, pp. 1283-1298. Abstract

Yousfi S., Kerzabi R., Mansour H., Mudry J., Estimation and condition of groundwater recharge in semiarid zone: example from the Ksour Ridge, NW Algeria. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Volume 7, December 2014, pp. 4997-5003 Abstract


Général (incluant l’Algérie) 

(general including algeria)



El Azzouzi M., Bellon H., Coutelle A., Réhault J.P., Miocene magmatism and tectonics within the Peri-Alboran orogen (western Mediterranean). Journal of Geodynamics, Volume 77, July 2014, Pages 171-185. Abstract


Ousadou F., Dorbath L., Ayadi A., Dorbath C., Gharbi S., Stress field variations along the Maghreb region derived from inversion of major seismic crisis fault plane solutions. Tectonophysics, Volume 632, 29 September 2014, Pages 261-280. Abstract





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